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Fearless Award – Collection 30

I’m so excited to have received my first Fearless Award from Fearless Photographers! Fearless is a professional wedding photographers directory of the world’s best wedding photographers for brides and grooms, and what I love about them is that they embrace photography that’s just a little bit different… a bit more courageous and “out of the box”. I’ve been a member for only a year and an so honoured to be listed amongst those who inspire me. I look at the fearless site ALL THE TIME and get so inspired by what I see. This is a great resource for potential brides and grooms to find a photographer anywhere in the world that might perhaps do something a little bit different – which happens to be my favourite word… “different”.

You can check out Collection 30 and all the awesome photos selected for awards HERE.

Raph Nogal Fearless Award Winner Collection 30
Raph Nogal – Fearless Award Winner – Collection 30

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