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Harnder Estate Wines Wedding: Ainsley & Jarod, St. Catherines

We had a great time at Ainsley and Jarod’s wedding at Hernder Estate Wines Niagara! It was a windy day but they all pulled through – and the girls especially deserve a bit of mention as they were such troopers in bracing the cold wind with just their dresses on! A huge thank you to Ainsley and Jarod for the custom bowties for myself and Oliver! We love ’em! Congrats once again guys ! It was a pleasure documenting your day for you. I’m also very excited to see Ainsley and Jarod and the crew on an episode of “Say Yes to The Dress Canada” soon! On a side-note – NO, the boys did not go through the boudoir book that Jerod received from Ainsley… (don’t want to get him in trouble) 🙂

harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-1 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-2 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-3 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-4 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-5 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-6 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-7 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-8 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-9 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-10 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-11 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-12 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-13


harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-14 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-15 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-16 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-17 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-18 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-19 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-20 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-21 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-22 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-23 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-24 harnder-estate-wines-wedding-ainsley-jarod-25


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