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Auberge du Pommier Wedding: Hui & Kin – Toronto

The day was full of fun, rain, sun, and love. We headed to the Richmond Hill and Markham areas of Toronto in the morning to capture the Kin and Hui get ready for their big day! Kin got to see Hui before their ceremony, but not until he completed several tasks, assigned by the bridesmaids. One of the tasks included singing “My Heart Will Go On” in Cantonese… Hawaiian-Style! ! They sounded great! HA ! We then had a bit of food and headed to a nearby park. Despite it raining heavily for the first 15 minutes, the skies opened up and we ended up getting some sun…and clouds! The ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Anglican Church and we then headed to Auberge du Pommier – a modern French fine dining restaurant, for reception. The food was exceptional!

Thanks so much Hui and Kin for having Oliver and I be part of your special day! Enjoy the teasers!


auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-1 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-2 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-3 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-4 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-5 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-6 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-7

Photo above by Oliver Salathielauberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-8 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-9 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-10
Photo above by Oliver Salathiel auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-11 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-12 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-13 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-14 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-15 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-16 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-17 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-18 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-19 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-20 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-21 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-22 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-23 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-24
Photo above by Oliver Salathiel auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-25 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-26 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-27 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-28 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-29 auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-30
Photo above by Oliver Salathiel auberge-du-pommier-toronto-chinese-wedding-31


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