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Unionville Engagement Photos: Kaitlyn & Brian – Markham, Ontario

We had an awesome time walking around Unionville with Kaitlyn and Brian. This was my first time there, actually, and it’s a definitely a cute part of town with lots of character. As usual we had a blast!


unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-1 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-2 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-3 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-4 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-5 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-6 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-7 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-8 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-9 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-10 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-11 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-12 unionville-engagement-photos-kaitlyn-brian-13


  • Effie L.

    These are all so lovely!
    I have to say Raph that one of the reasons why I enjoy following your work
    is the naturalness that you capture of each and every couple!
    Everyone looks so relaxed and like they are really enjoying each other and the shoot !!

    Thanks for sharing and congrats to the couple!

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