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Miller Lash House Wedding: Fallon and Adam

Miller Lash House Wedding

It was a fun day. The weather was perfect and so was the wedding of Fallon and Adam. We started off with Adam at the couple’s condo and moved to the Old Mill where Fallon got ready. From there it was straight to church for the official tying of knots, and then off to Miller Lash House at U of T in Scarborough. What a beautiful venue, which only looked more amazing due to the hard work of Kim and her staff and Envision Weddings as well as all the other vendors involved.

Fun times. Just look for yourself ??

Their Story

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  1. Tell us how you first met. Where, When, How? Give us the juicy details.

We met in 2006 at a Frat party at University of Windsor. All the Students were gathering for a Kegger at the end of the school year. Adam helped Fallon do a keg stand, and afterwards discovered we had a lot of mutual friends and had a wonderful conversation. Over the years we stayed in touch and reconnected when Adam moved to Toronto

Overtime, Adam being a prankster, and Fallon’s humour, there were lots of exchanges of flirtatious banter, eventually leading to playful shenanigans and treasure hunts — even our families called us trouble (which ultimately brought us closer together). Undeniably, the one thing we did most together was laugh!

2. When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?

Were on the same wave length whether laughing, cooking, playing instruments and had lots of “respect” for each other in arguments. There were some tumultuous times we went through and both had each others backs. Most importantly, we resonated the same values even though we are from different backgrounds.

3. Tell us about your proposal. (Did you see it coming? How long was it in the planning? How did you feel when it happened? (excited, nervous, etc.).

The Proposal was in Aspen @ the summit in March 2020 right when Covid Struck,
Adam had to hide the ring multiple times because Fallon just seems to have a nose for all the hiding places. We were nervous and excited but we both knew the answer.

4. What is your favourite memory together aside from the proposal? Why?

When we finished the renovation of our house that took 2 years and sitting on the couch and looking around couldn’t believe it was over. Accomplished and that nice feeling when we moved in on our first day. Touring the Tuscan Countryside with sunflower fields under the sunset.
Driving next to each other in separate cars and deciding to drag race without planning on it. Full Throttle.

5. Tell us the one thing you most love about each other.

Always putting each other in a good mood. Make light of terrible situations and always have each others backs.

6. What do you think is unique about you as a couple?

We used to be unique as biracial but The media has ruined it and made us seem common. 🙂
We don’t get the nasty looks like we used to.
More importantly, We know how to entertain and bring out the best in people.

7. Besides being married, what’s the one other thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Sharing the experience with everyone we love. Some exciting highlights will be the Ice Sculpture, Entrance into tent with Dhol, First Dance, Big Wine bottles, infusion of culture through the food and entertainment. Watching all the wedding plans come to life and having our guests enjoy/experience them.

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