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Wedding: Brittany & Andre – Fields of West Lake, Prince Edward County

We had a blast with Brittany (Rose) and Andre. The weather wasco-operated through the entire day and a few times we had some drama in the sky, which made for a cool backdrop to some of the photos. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony with some of the best vows I’ve heard. The rest of the party took place at the barn – which was full of that rustic character. Have a look at some highlights of their day.


field_of_west_lake-wedding-1 field_of_west_lake-wedding-2 field_of_west_lake-wedding-3 field_of_west_lake-wedding-4 field_of_west_lake-wedding-5 field_of_west_lake-wedding-6 field_of_west_lake-wedding-7 field_of_west_lake-wedding-8 field_of_west_lake-wedding-9 field_of_west_lake-wedding-10 field_of_west_lake-wedding-11 field_of_west_lake-wedding-12 field_of_west_lake-wedding-13 field_of_west_lake-wedding-14 field_of_west_lake-wedding-15 field_of_west_lake-wedding-16 field_of_west_lake-wedding-17 field_of_west_lake-wedding-18 field_of_west_lake-wedding-19


ABOVE PHOTO BY OLIVER SALATHIEL.field_of_west_lake-wedding-20 field_of_west_lake-wedding-21

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