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Engagement Session: Caitlin & Mark – North York

We met up with Caitlin and Brian Mark in the courtyard of their condo to start the shoot. These guys had an awesome vibe and were ready to strut their stuff! We later ventured into a greenspace behind their building for a bit more greenery and to showcase they love for the Blue Jays.  Caitlin and Brian Mark were hilarious… just cracking jokes, laughing and having a blast. I honestly can’t wait for the wedding. I have a feeling it’s gonna be an amazing time.

courtyard-engagement-photos1 courtyard-engagement-photos3 courtyard-engagement-photos4 courtyard-engagement-photos5 courtyard-engagement-photos5b courtyard-engagement-photos6 courtyard-engagement-photos7 courtyard-engagement-photos8 courtyard-engagement-photos9 courtyard-engagement-photos10 courtyard-engagement-photos11